Products & Applications

Element Labs, Inc. (ELI) is a leading developer of high performance resins that provide a high durability,
cost-effective alternative to epoxy, vinyl ester and polyester resin systems.   As recognized pioneers, the Element Labs team develops resins with superior toughness for some of the most rigorous applications in the ballistics, pressure vessel, aerospace, marine and automotive industries.

Aerospace & Automotive

For more than 20 years, the Element Labs team has been providing resins and composites for some of the most rigorous applications on the planet (and off it).  Having developed fuel tanks for aerospace and high performance automotive applications, ELI and their customers are pushing the envelope on what is possible under extreme conditions.

Ballistic Tolerance

When it comes to the critical responsibility of protecting lives – for ballistic and recreational impact applications – more and more organizations are adopting pDCPD-based solutions.  With decades of experience and proven success, ELI has become the go-to source for organizations that have no alternative but success.

Pipelines & Pressure Vessels

As a recognized innovator in the pressure vessel and pipeline industries, our resins have consistently earned distinction for their toughness.  At ELI, we pride ourselves on developing resins and composites that meets high performance requirements, while providing a durability and longevity that ensure the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

Wind & Wood Replacement

ELI resins, including their proprietary pDCPD resins, are in high-demand as an environmentally friendly replacement for epoxies, common variations of fiber glass, and wood.  In many industries, including marine, our resins are being leveraged to reduce environmental footprints and satisfy environmental regulations that otherwise limit production or require expensive manufacturing modifications.